Apps I wrote for Introduction to Statistics:

link to stats apps

Apps I wrote for MATH 154:

link to Projective Geometry 3 app link to Projective Geometry 5 app link to Barcode app link to cipher app link to error correction app link to error correction app link to error correction app link to error correction app

Apps I wrote as demos:

link to Multiple Choice app link to Fill in blank app link to matching app

Other random Apps I've written:

link to arithmetic app in base 10 etc link to capitals matching app link to happy faces app link to matching app link to grid problems app link to german matching app link to scout law app link to scout oath app link to spanish matching app link to matching derivs app link to another arithmetic  app

Near the end of the 2013 Spring semester, I received a pleasant surprise. I was informed that a couple of my students had put my name into the hat for the Jack Child Teaching with Technology Award. I was honored, but I was sure that this was a mistake. I know I have students who like me and would probably suggest my name for any award, but to date, I could only recall having my computer in class exactly once for a quick 5 minute demo. I didn't even allow graphing calculators during exams. So, I was quite puzzled.

But, once I realized I was actually being recommended, and that CTRL was serious about giving me the award, it became apparent that it was for this app which I wrote for my students in MATH 154. You see, yes, it was a 5 minute demo, but it was a 5 minute demo of a device agnostic app which I custom wrote for them to help them study the projective geometry unit I'd written for the course. In addition to giving an acceptance speech for this award (on August 14), I was invited to be part of the Travelling Troupe during the lunchtime demos for technology. Since I only had a few minutes at each table, I made some demo apps which would be easier to talk about. These apps are prefilled with only a small number of questions, and their intent is to demonstrate the app's action rather than the content. The other apps I wrote are actually for my students.



Assorted other Apps I wrote:

Projective Geometry
Fox Hunt
Projective Geometry
STAT 202 Memory Game
Calc: F vs G (F vs F')
calc: Game5
Match Derivs 1
Match Derivs 2
calc: Matching3
math222 games
clickme baby version
cipra puzzle
cipra puzzle 0
cipra puzzle 2
Edwin Reading
happy faces
Michael's Recipes