Donna's Resources for Online Teaching

Welcome to my resources for online teaching. This page is inteded for my fellow faculty members at American University, as we try to navigate this new world together. Of course, all are welcome here. Contact me with questions if you can figure out my email address. I hereby attempt to summarize some of what I suspect will be common questions. American Unviersity has many resources for online teaching which are wonderful, but I feel it's nice to have options. Note: I borrowed my "online teaching" graphic from Inside Higher Ed. Patronize them by reading their article.

To see my online advice collection, please go to my YouTube channel here, set up for this purpose. You may need to click on "Uploads" in order to view the entire collection. (Or just click the link/image below.)

online learning

Topics by video name:

Question Video
How to set up a YouTube Channel and create a TinyUrl name for it First Channel
How to set up a second YouTube Channel, upload a video, and
How to permit videos longer than 15 minutes
New Channel / Longer Videos
How to grab the invitation link to your Blackboard Collaborate Room Collaborate Ultra Link
How to nicely embed any URL in Blackboard Embed Link in Blackboard
How to manage Webinaria on Windows (if you're not using Kaltura) Webinaria
How to fix those CC's on YouTube Changing auto-generated CC on YouTube
How to create "Tables" or breakout rooms so students
can work in groups.
Breakout Rooms in Bb Collaborate Ultra
How to Download to your local computer from hosts (Kaltura/YouTube) Downloading from Kaltura and YouTube