Projective Geometry n=5 (with hints!)

Instructions: Click and reclick to move six 'cards' to the discard row, under the horizontal line.

For the remaining 25 cards, arrange them so that the cards in each row, column, and diagonal have a symbol in common. This board is on a torus, so there are 10 diagonals. More detailed instructions are here!

If you don't want any hints, just move along to the next app!

Discard six cards which share a symbol.
Create five rows of cards where each row has a common symbol. Use a guide card as before.
Create five columns of cards where each column has a common symbol. Use a guide card as before, and only swap within rows.
Choose any "unused" symbol to be the diagonal symbol. Swap only rows in order to achieve this diagonal.
One "unused" symbol on the middle card will be the counterdiagonal symbol. (It doesn't occur elsewhere on the counterdiagonal.) Achieve this counterdiagonal by swapping rows every time you swap columns, so as not to disrupt the diagonal you have already solved. (Swap rows/columns with the same names. Example: if you swap columns 2 and 5, also swap rows 2 and 5.)
If still not solved, try swapping rows 1 and 2, rows 4 and 5, columns 1 and 2, and columns 4 and 5
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