KC3JBY (and family) Ham Radio "Fox Hunt"

KC3JBY, Edwin Robinson, of Troop 1441, will be at Camp Olmstead with his Troop (and brother KC3JKL and mom N2SZ) July 4- July 10 (2021).

If you have found this fox locked to a tree, it's being used in an Amateur Radio demonstration.
You can reach N2SZ (Donna Dietz) at 240 672 1924. Please text and ask for a call/text back.
If you merely wish to share your joy at running across this device, feel free to sign this log book!

The password to add an entry to the log is visible from the fox.
This was designed as a touch-free asynchronous fox hunt to allow for fun while still social distancing.



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This fox was proudly designed and built by Edwin (KC3JBY) with a little encouragement and help from his family. He will be happy to tell you all about it! If you are eager to read more about fox hunting right now, go here!